On Absolut's “creative transformation”...
Not every product can say that Andy Warhol designed its breakthrough ad. Nearly 30 years on, Jonas Tåhlin is guiding the brand that became iconic for its pioneering fusion of marketing and art into new campaign territory. “Transform Today” is an ad campaign and creative collaboration with a musician, a graphic novelist, a digital media artist and a sculptural couturier that targets millennials. “We needed to change our behaviour from saying to doing”, says Tåhlin. That means leaping off the magazine’s back cover and living online to reach “our heroes, our consumers”. The vodka that broke all the rules is breaking them again. Tåhlin calls it “creative transformation”. We call it Absolut vision.
Transparency is not just a buzzword...
« Transparency is increasingly a reality for business and government alike, not just a buzzword. Most major companies now must report on sustainability and corporate responsibility; it’s no longer an extra that the marketing department issues for good PR. While corruption remains problematic in much of the world — developed countries as well as developing — technology has empowered users to shame bad actors with unprecedented speed and scope. You can judge a society by its heroes, and in recent years, we have honored leaders who call us to greater shared responsibility. »
James Murphy on failure...
« I was lazy, but it never felt right when I heard that, when I said it to myself…It wasn’t that I was lazy. I was just really afraid. I was really afraid of failing. All my life, I’d been precocious. And I was like you know, ‘I was supposed to be smart and I was supposed to be creative.’ And I think hearing those things makes you scared that you’re gonna do something stupid or do something uninteresting and no one will see you as smart or creative anymore…»
LP Maurice, CEO & co-founder of Busbud is an emerging entrepreneur!
« Before C2MTL…I was leading a young travel startup of 5 employees looking to reinvent the intercity bus travel industry. Today, our team at Busbud has grown to 20 people, we’ve raised $1,5M of venture funding and we’re expanding internationally fast. We were selected as one of the Top 20 most innovative companies in Canada. I was recently named a 2014 NYC Venture Fellow, where I will join an extremely accomplished group of 30 of the best young entrepreneurs in America – and we are planning to open an office in NYC in 2014. Our team has recently participated in trade missions to Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and the UK. Most importantly, we’ve already helped make bus travel easier for millions...
On collaboration and perseverance...
« I went to talk to an engineer and the engineer said, 'Forget about it. It’s never going to work. It’s going to cost you millions of dollars. You’re never going to be able to grow food. It’s never going to pass to construction.' And it was really depressing and the project stopped for a month. But luckily I met an architect, and they are really different...I love engineers, but sometimes you need the architects. It’s like the mom and the dad in the family. »
How can we not have what we already know, limit what we can imagine?
« Are they visionaries or borderline crazy?...When it comes to actualizing creativity in business, I have often thought how we cannot let what it is that we already know, limit what we can imagine. There are those that have that innate creative ability; they are the visionaries, the risk takers. Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Alexander Bell, Howard Hughes, Sam Walton, Thomas Watson Jr., Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and the list goes on. To me, C2MTL is a forum, an incubator, a think tank of people with great and inquiring minds seeking to illuminate and inspire one another to potentially be amongst the aforementioned list. »
Quels sont les éléments clés qui font d’une ville un terrain fertile à la créativité?
« ...La ville peut être considérée comme un groupe, elle l’est. C’est une forme d’échelle, mais à l’intérieur de ce groupe, il n’y a qu’un groupe qui existe, c’est soi avec soi-même. C’est deux personnes : soi-même en face de soi-même et d’une feuille blanche. La vraie créativité se fait dans un climat d’inquiétude, d’inquiétude sur le thème d’être capable de remplir le contrat que j’ai signé en naissant. Un contrat induit par la société qui est que je ne suis pas obligé d’être un génie, mais je suis obligé de participer. » – Starck, C2MTL 2013
Eureka - C2MTL
Est-ce que j’ai pensé à mes alternatives, si Archimède ne répond pas?

Est-ce que j’ai pensé à mes alternatives, si Archimède ne répond pas? Question que nous nous posons dans « Le Guide des Esprits Insatiables. » Les participants à l’espace Eurêka de CES 2014 ont peut-être trouvé. Cette manifestation off-CES regroupe des start-ups mettant de l’avant des produits électroniques de tout acabit; un espace de diffusion pour certaines entreprises en démarrage […]

Creativity is looking down and seeing the sky instead of the floor...
« Creativity is looking down and seeing the sky instead of the is forgetting to breathe for a while to realize, to accept being stuck in an uncomfortable moment that makes you see things differently…[But don't forget to breathe again]. This is when we feel the most alive and unveil our creativity. / La créativité c'est aussi déconstruire les portes de la perception. La créativité, c'est à chacun de nos sens de l'exploiter. »
How smart is your company when it comes to intelligence?
« One word of advice: When you go fishing for big data, don’t adhere to your traditional org chart. It’s not smart to think that only marketing, customer service, or product development should explore for intelligence. The abundance of online sites and analytical tools fundamentally change a company’s business model. Senior leaders need to get involved and collaborate. So get your management team together for a couple of days, without PowerPoint presentations, and really look deeply at how you can apply these new tools and sources of information to transform your organization and industry. »
Définissez la créativité
« La créativité, c'est faire d'une nouvelle façon quelque chose de banal. Je l'applique par exemple lorsque je fais des sketchnotes de conférences, au lieu de simplement prendre des notes. J'ai découvert que j'aimais faire ça lors du C2MTL 2013 et maintenant, j'en réalise tout le temps! » / « Creativity is doing differently something that seems common. I feel creative when I make sketchnotes at conferences, instead of just taking notes. I discovered I LOVED it during C2MTL and now I can't stop. »
¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en tener una buena idea? Una mala idea?
« Creo que las ideas necesitan encubar durante un tiempo, creo que toman un tiempo en evolucionar y que la mayoría del tiempo provienen de la colisión de varias corazonadas, a veces entre diferentes individuos. Cuando Tim Bernes Lee se propuso trabajar en internet fue tras 10 años de diferentes tentativas de organización que por fin le llego el famoso “Aha moment” al cual la gente parece referirse mucho últimamente. Los cafés en el siglo de las luces o los salones literarios de la modernidad fueron semejantes máquinas de la creatividad porque últimamente creaban espacios donde las ideas se podían mezclar, intercambiar y tomar nuevas importante tomar el tiempo de contemplar y a profundizar para dejar madurar las ideas...
For the business audience...
« Picasso and Einstein were in a way looking for the same thing. They were both celebrating the combination of time and space. Einstein was doing it through the Theory of General Relativity, Picasso was doing it by generating Cubism. But they were looking at reality in a similar way. I think that is what business is about. It is about looking at the changes and transformations in our world, using different lenses for different problems, thereby coming up with new myths of what our society is about. » - C2MTL 2013
A ‘Pretty Powerful’ catwalk with New York make-up artists provided by Bobbi Brown

Experimental designs by Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint-Pierre, Philippe Dubuc, Martin Lim, UNTTLD, Ying Gao, Anastasia Lomonova, Barilà, Duy, Harricana, Nadya Toto and by THOMAS will take centre stage at C2-MTL’s 2013 edition. A star-studded gala will showcase the designers’ inspired responses to TWELVE-ID, a creative challenge from C2-MTL that asked them to indulge their wild side and re-imagine clothing as […]

100 days : 100 LIKES

The winning answer by Mary-Eve Ruel: “Reprendre une entreprise a 22ans m’a fait comprendre que la business est une question de passion et de balance… creativity vs business, craziness vs responsibility, profit vs humanity, organisation vs being spontaneous  rules vs breaking them, optimiste vs réaliste, leadership vs team work…. quotidiennement mon equipe et moi defions les pessimistes!”  _______________________________________________________________________ Contest description: 100 […]