Why C2MTL?

    Our Concierges Extraordinaires are your eyes, ears and antennae at C2MTL. This VIP treatment begins once you register, so be sure to make the most of the expertise and experience that your Concierge Extraordinaire has to offer. Your Concierge is your personal C2MTL ambassador dedicated to helping you make the most of your experience both at the event and as a visitor to Montreal. Nothing makes them happier than connecting you with fellow C2 participants in the name of doing business. Our personalized Concierges Extraordinaires program is presented by Aimia, a proud partner of C2MTL.
  • 78%
    of attendees said C2MTL had met or exceeded their expectations
    Plus des trois quarts des participants recommanderaient un événement de C2MTL .
  • 76%
    of attendees would recommend a C2MTL event to a friend or colleague
    Plus des trois quarts des participants recommanderaient un événement de C2MTL .

Who will be there?

Over 3000
daily participants
Over 25
countries represented
C-level +
Senior Manager
Over 20

Prices & 3-day Packages

Total Experience $3,600
With this package comes unlimited access to the entire C2MTL experience. Talks, workshops, Boot Camp, connection meet‐ups: you choose what and where and when. You have access to 100% of speaker conferences, performances, festivities and activities.
Individual Package
For Founders, Investors, C-Suiters, Creatives and Futurists. Business leaders from New York, Buenos Aires, Paris, Tokyo, and all cities in between gather in Montreal for a stimulating, participative and inspiring three days. Seize the opportunity to break from your daily routine, get some fresh air, immerse yourself in a custom-built environment carefully crafted to challenge your perspectives and foster new business opportunities. Each day is packed with fresh inspiration, new enveloped-pushing ideas and creative stunts to connect you with participants.
5 Packages
Limited availabilities
Business and professional associations, chambers of commerce, firms and clubs to bigger organizations expand your opportunities by sharing your C2MTL experience with your business network. Maximize your reach on-site and identify collective lessons-learned from workshops and speaker conferences. Strengthen business relationships through shared experiences. Build team spirit and business with future clients, the possibilities are endless… and the take away potentially huge!
10 % reduction on the regular price of a single TOTAL EXPERIENCE 3 DAY PASS. A designated Concierge Extraordinaire for your group. Access to a shared corporate salon to meet & greet, discuss and welcome your guests.
10 Packages
Limited availabilities
Agencies with global branches, venture capital firms, government and international delegations and multinational corporations use C2MTL as a gathering point to invite affiliates, boards, partners, clients and futures clients. Gather, debrief and invite your privileged guests for business meetings, networking and collaborative sessions in an exclusive corporate salon. Enhance your group experience through a personalized on-site set-up.
15 % reduction on the regular price of a single TOTAL EXPERIENCE 3 DAY PASS. An exclusive Concierge Extraordinaire for your group. Access to an exclusive corporate salon 1 hour per day for private meetings.
Flex $2,400
A new concept for participants in 2014.
This new inspirational, experiential 3-day package will allow the participant to have a multi-track schedule combining the four pillars of C2. They’ll be able to attend 50 % of the speakers timeslots at the conference while also taking part in other experiments/activities on site that will be offered throughout the day.
Flex 1
Participants are curious and open to new possibilities; they're excited to participate in the world's largest live brainstorm session and help produce ideas for its common goal.
Flex 2
Participants are social animals, they are at C2MTL to connect and make the most of provocative early evening content.
  • Total Experience : 100 % access to conferences and crowd-sourced panels by inspiring, risk-taking, world-class speakers.
  • Flex 1 and Flex 2 : 50 % access to conferences and crowd-sourced panels by inspiring, risk-taking, world-class speakers.
  • Access to C2MTL's proprietary networking platform to plan one-on-one meeting with participants. Customize your online profile and define your demands and offers to better target and connect with people of similar and complimentary interests.
  • A designated Concierge Extraordinaire to maximize and tailor your experience according to your needs and business priorities.
  • Collaborative workshops and activities led by experts where participants experiment and create evolving content, and engage in small groups in pursuit of actionable solutions and best business practices.
  • A creativity Boot Camp, interactive installations and engaging exhibits designed to unleash your inner creativity.
  • Unique and exclusive evening festivities to loosen up, bond with your fellow participants, deepen connections, and have some Montreal-style fun.
  • Access to the directory of participants + C2MTL’s proprietary online networking platform
  • Participate in exclusive discussion forums with other members
  • Share your views on and recommendations for C2MTL content and programming
  • Tell us who you'd like to meet at C2MTL and benefit from a privileged rate to share with your network
  • Benefit from promotional offers from C2MTL and our partners
  • Access to archives and C2-KNOWLEDGE after the conference (exclusive videos, photos and conference reports)
Terms & Conditions

Cancellation and refund policy
If you request a cancellation within (i) 60 days following the date of purchase and (ii) 60 days prior to the event (“Refund Deadline”), a refund will be processed in the same manner in which payment was made (credit card) less a processing fee of $350 per ticket. If you request a cancellation (i) after the “Refund Deadline” and (ii) earlier than 10 days prior to the event (“Credit Deadline”), a credit for the same value will be granted to be used toward the 2015 edition of the event. Once the “Refund deadline” is past, it will only be possible to transfer your tickets to another person. All cancellation requests must be made in writing. No cancellations will be allowed after the event date. We reserve the right to cancel the event, and if this occurs, we shall refund the total fee paid.

Pricing & scheduling
We reserve the right to make any changes to the schedule or prices without prior notice.

Recording and Image Waiver
C2MTL reserves the right to broadcast and transmit recorded content via TV, Satellite, Cable, Internet, and any other means of distribution. C2MTL also reserves the right to capture photographic images during the event and use them for promotional purposes. By participating in C2MTL 2014, you grant authorization for the use of these images and content.

Special needs
Any disabled individual desiring an auxiliary aid for this conference should notify C2MTL four weeks prior to the conference.

More information on our packages & exclusive offers
+ 1 514 380-8755 #207